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Sunday, May 18, 2014

HELP!!! I'm STUCK!!!The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence even if they're grape vines!!

HELP!! Momma Peggy I'm Stuck!!

HELP!! Momma Peggy I'm Stuck!!

The other morning... on May 14th, I got up early in the morning to go out and take photos of all the alpacas in full fleece, before shearing the next morning. Well ....when I got to the last pasture this is what I saw. TC stuck in the fence.
I giggled so hard at him. He is our clown on the ranch!! TC is always up to something and this was a dooozy!!
He calmly hummed at me...with his head down in shame...busted!!! Big time!!

I had a very hard time getting his head out because he is so big and so fleecy. I had to carefully pull his ears through...then a few strands at a time, of his topnot...little by little...then I was able to turn his head sideways and I put my knee on his chest to push him back and out of the fencing. I couldn't cut the fencing because its too hefty to cut.

His topnot is soooooo dense...that is what was not letting him pull his head out himself.

TC has enough fleece on him to make up three alpacas!! No joke!!

It ruffeled his feathers but he's no worse for the wear. He looked at me after he was out, he was thankful..but...very embarrassed. I just hugged him, told him that I love him, and told him that I was happy that he wasn't hurt.

I am just thankful that he is such a calm boy....the other pacas would have panicked and they would have broken their necks!!

But...TC is such a lover!! with a cool head....He surely keeps the ranch smiling!!

All is well now until one of his next anticks....giggle!!
Does this fence make me look fat? LOL

Does this fence make me look fat? LOL

That sure messed up my fleece!!!

That sure messed up my fleece!!!